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Playing It Forward

Playing it Forward Fatima and her older brother, Juan, had desire and talent, but no money for the violins they needed. Their youngest sister, Carla, had just finished a lengthy hospital stay that included chemo treatments for leukemia,… Read More

Laughter is Good

The night’s entertainment will make you laugh until you cry.

From Hopelessness to High Achievement

Sandra struggled, hated school, learning and homework. Oh my, it showed! Her grades were awful — C, D and F’s. Her mom was always on her to study and do her homework. But for Sandra it was to… Read More

Just a Taste of Auction Fun

Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams Gala Spoiler Alert! Auction Fun! Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams Gala Spoiler Alert! We are feverishly working away at collecting a variety of wonderful items for the Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams Gala... Read More

Music and History Unite in Mariachi Music

Why Mariachi? People are often curious and ask why I play mariachi music. I have played the trumpet ¾ of my life. In that time, I have been exposed to a myriad of music genres. I have a... Read More
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