What We Do


We help underserved children explore and experience the musical arts by lending instruments and providing ancillary supplies, lessons and performance opportunities.


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During the 2014-2015 school year our programs are serving 476 children representing 81 schools and 8 school districts.  


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Participation in the musical arts will help a child develop the building blocks for success in school and life while redirecting his or her energies to a lifelong love for the arts.

Who We Are

Why we do what we do

Desert Sounds  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of dedicated  local community residents who understand the benefits of participating in the arts and have committed to promoting this goal, both personally and professionally.  Despite their importance arts programs face declining school budgets, more families are unable to rent instruments or afford private lessons.  We are working to improve access to the arts, improve the lives of young people, and foster a love of music. We are succeeding and paving the way to a world of musical opportunity, personal enrichment, and happiness. We are investing in the future one instrument and one child at a time.

We believe the appreciation and use of the arts brings diverse communities together and fosters similar communities to build greater bonds. By giving back to the community we teach those who benefit from this activity that they too need to give back and create a greater circle of volunteerism and community involvement.

Our Programs

  • Musical Mentors

    As the year progresses, band/orchestra directors encounter students whose interest and potential would greatly benefit from studio time. To encourage participation and success, we developed the Musical Mentors program. Musicians who wish to “give back” and inspire students to continue learning, are matched up with recommended students. Along with the musical experience, Desert Sounds’ students […]

  • Sones del Desierto

    “Sones del Desierto”

    Mariachi “Sones del Desierto” is a year round program comprised of a diverse group of students learning traditional Mariachi music with authentic arrangements and instruments. This wonderful cultural-musical exchange brings students together in a fun and supportive environment as they learn to play and appreciate traditional Mariachi music and a new culture. Our Mariachi students have […]

  • boy-putting-together-saxophone

    The Jeremy Project

      Desert Sounds believes all children should have the opportunity to play an instrument. We loan underserved students who would not otherwise be able to participate in their school band or orchestra program an instrument and related ancillary supplies. Our Inspiration In Jeremy’s own words, “Being a part of the school band was very important […]



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