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Musical Mentors

“My name is Jonathan I have the pleasure to participate in the Jeremy Project and I am thankful to have the enjoyment to use one of your instruments. The main purpose of this letter is to notify that I want some private lessons, from Desert Sounds. I have multiple reasons why I want to have private lessons. One reason, I desire private lessons, is because I want to get better on how to play my instrument, the clarinet…”

The Musical Mentor Program provides music lessons and mentoring to low-income at-risk children who are matched up with Musicians (Musical Mentors) who are “giving back” by teaching and inspiring children to learn to work through the challenges of becoming a better musician.

To participate in the musical mentors program, each child must be nominated by their band/orchestra director, interviewed and audition. After completing this process, students are than matched with a Musical Mentor. Our Musical Mentors provide each child with a positive role model and help them realize their talent and ability as he/she achieve success on their instrument.


For more information on the Musical Mentors program please call Desert Sounds at 480-304-4762.

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